The Andacollo Mining Districtlocated in the Neuquén Province, Argentina, was discovered in the late 19th century. The discovery triggered a gold rush after 30 small scale miners extracted 200 kgs of gold from near surface gold veins with an average gold

grade of 150 grs per ton. From 2004 through 2014, four veins in the project were exploited by Mineral Andacollo Gold (MAGSA) using shrinkage stoping followed by gravity concentration and flotation.


Production starts on the lowest sublevel and moves laterally and upward as the stopes are backfilled, allowing for simultaneous production from several headings. FF GeoMechanics is developing a LOM plan to reinitiate production in the 3rd quarter 2018.  Initial plans are to use the longitudinal retreat long-hole mining method referred to as Avoca or Bench-

and-Fill mining. Production levels are set every sixty or seventy-five meters  according to the local vertical continuity, and mining sublevels are spaced at fifteen meters. Production is projected at 300 tons per day following a short ramp-up period.
The process plant, supply and refurbishments will be supplied 

principally by Gekko Systems Pty Ltd and ODM.  The plant will utilize a primary jaw crusher and a secondary cone crusher (already on site) to prepare feed before being stacked by conveyor onto a fine-ore stockpile.  Material from the fine-ore stockpile is fed to the tertiary crusher and a milling circuit before being processed by a combination of gravity and

flotation at the rate of 15 tons per hour.  The free gold recovered by the gravity circuit will be treated using a Wilfley table within the gold room, while the flotation concentrate is dewatered using a filter and bagged for sale.


Current Infrastructure, at mine site and in the township of Andacollo:


• Power
33KV power to plant
13 KV branch line to mines

• Process Plant
Workshop facilities
Water tank storage
Weigh bridge
Medical Centre
Refurbished Laboratory

• Storage Areas
Fuel depot

Access roads to all principle areas with security gates and guarded barriers


• Water pumping station
• Core storage
• Administration and warehouse buildings.