Social Responsibility

At all stages of our project management, from exploration to exploitation and by managing, assessing and identifying impacts on our environment, we are able to better protect resources for generations to come and instil a sense of pride in our employees whilst protecting and ensuring our right to mine.
We aim to avoid and minimize or mitigate environmental impacts wherever possible through our direct environmental management and conservation, whilst complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We look to build alliances with the community right from the beginning of the life cycle of our mining project. We understand that we must support the growth of the society by contributing value in Andacollo and Huinganco.
We strive to build long lasting relationships and to ensure that community members are treated with respect, that social risks are appropriately identified and plans are established to manage them.
TSE contributes to social and economic development in the communities by creating jobs, purchasing locally, whilst investing in the priorities of communities. TSE invests in the communities and our employees by providing technical training and job skills. By returning the support of our employees, we offer, as per our protocol, to mainly employ mine workers from the surrounding communities and province.