English 2017
Trident presented the progress in the Andacollo Mining Project

Company executives explained to provincial officials, mayors and councilors the tasks performed with its staff, as well as security and geological studies.

Trident Southern Explorations SPA, which was awarded the Andacollo Mining Project, presented – in the northern town of Neuquén – its work plan to reactivate the activity of the gold and silver mine and a breakdown of the tasks carried out so far.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Energy, Public Services and Natural Resources, Alejandro Nicola; the mayors of Andacollo Ariel Aravena, Huinganco Luis Sepulveda and Varvarco Gastón Fuentes; the president of the fomentation committee of Villa del Nahueve, Carlos Burgos; Councilors; The undersecretary of Hydrocarbons, Energy and Mining, Gabriel López; the president of Cormine, Martin Irigoyen; the mining director, Carlos Portilla, and the highest authorities of Trident, led by its owner, Leon Aleksander.

“As we said from the outset, as a Province our main objective is to preserve the project because it is very important for the economic life of the area. We intend for the mine to have a sustainable development in the economic, as in the social and environmental aspects, “Nicola said.

Aleksander said that Trident’s vision is “to achieve a cost-effective 25-year project that is safe for employees, with the application of world-class technology.” He added that the meeting served to reassure the community “that we are working and planning the project the best way possible so that once we start with the activity we do not have to stop.”

The manager of the company, Guillermo Salvatierra, reviewed the work done so far. He commented that the employees received the occupational medical examinations required by the law, and that, according to the results, people with health restrictions will be assigned to tasks according to their possibilities.

He said that that the staff’s educational level was assessed in order to make a diagnosis that will serve as a basis for the training courses that will be provided by the company.

Actions were also carried out to strengthen the mine’s safety and meetings were held with the guild.

Other tasks performed at the moment are related to the legal order of the project and the procedures before national and provincial bodies.

“We worked on developing a good plan to achieve maximum efficiency in the development of the mine,” said Salvatierra.

The geological surveys developed by the company to evaluate the potential of the mine were also explained.